Student work sample

It’s funny to note that, for the last 2 years I’ve been blogging, my post count dips significantly in October and November. One act takes up a lot of my time, and pretty much any time I have outside of work, I am desperately trying to do fun and exciting things with my friends. (Not that I don’t enjoy play production or spending time with my students, but it is definitely a draining and exhausting season.)

So in lieu of a substantive post, here’s some student samples of work. These are from my Spanish 2 classes, about 6 or 7 weeks into the school year. We are recycling our school words and adding phrases like ‘arrived late’ ‘was mad’ ‘yelled at him/her’ and so on. I asked the students, in pairs, to write a story using the vocabulary from the unit and illustrate it. I collected them at the end of the period. The next day, I projected their pictures with the document camera and read a sentence from their story. The class had to match the sentence to the picture and show me their answer on individual markerboards. After doing this for a few stories, I mixed it up/upped the difficulty level a bit by adding some dictation for a few sentences. I don’t do a ton of dictation in my class because it’s not particularly engaging or exciting, but I do think it has useful applications of checking for spelling errors (I had a few students mix up llegar with llevar, for example) and training to listen for those Spanishy sounds, when used sparingly.

This example is from a group of students that are reaching their proficiency goal, but not really going above and beyond. Their writing is still bridging the gap from novice high to intermediate low.


This example is from a group of students who are two of my superstars. They are chugging along into intermediate faster than expected for this time of year.