An experimental curriculum

In my school, I’m a department of one. I teach Spanish 1-3, then AP Spanish. We have only 3 native speakers of Spanish in my district, and they attend elementary school in our other building. So many of my students don’t know anything besides hola, amigo, and taco before walking into my room in 9th grade. I am very, very happy to be a high school teacher (elementary and middle school require a skill set that I’m not sure I have) but sometimes I wonder, if I designed a middle school 9 week exploratory Spanish class, what would it look like?

And you know, I would like to see if I could do it with minimal creation of activities on my part. I mean, there are so many awesome ideas and programs out there, and 9 weeks really isn’t a lot of time to cover material. I can help out other teachers by paying for their services, and save myself a ton of time in the process.

Here is my experiment: armed with only La Persona Especial, Señor Wooly, and a few cultural units from The Comprehensible Classroom… I bet I could get students proficient enough in the really big main verbs (es/está/tiene/quiere/va/puede/le gusta) in that time. But I don’t have a classroom to test out my theory. So if any of you suddenly find yourself with an exploratory Spanish class… feel free to use this idea and tell me how it goes!

3 thoughts on “An experimental curriculum

  1. Sounds great! Especially with the middle school students, I think that Señor Wooly is highly compelling. Next year I am moving to a new school to do 5th and 6th grade Spanish. While these are not exploratory courses (they are full year), I plan on using La Persona Especial, Señor Wooly, and focusing on the super 7 verbs. With a full year course, I will probably also preplan units based on the vocabulary in some of the novice novels. I am preparing the students for another CI teacher in 7th and 8th grade before they go on to high school, so there really shouldn’t be much pressure to “get through” the curriculum.

  2. I don’t have an exploratory class either, I teach 5th-8th grade once a week for the year. They are all basically on the same level. I did use the Comprehensible Classroom last year and plan to use your two additional suggestions. Thank you!

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